Activated Sub Membrane Suction

Create Pressure Field Extension


In order to obtain suction from the entire footprint, we install a form of piping to extend our vacuum throughout the membrane. This is done under the membrane and sits on the ground. This is necessary when the basement or crawlspace does not have a concrete floor.

Install Polyurethane Membrane

We install a membrane that has been designed for the radon industry. Its reinforced and resistant to puncture/tearing. This membrane is seamed 12-18″ up the wall and also seamed around any support posts or other obstructions. If there are any mechanical units present, the membrane will be run underneath the units to avoid additional seams, if possible. A suction pipe will also be seamed into the poly and connected to the pressure field extension pipe. Radon gas membrane installation is our specialty. 

Install Fan and Exhaust Plumbing

A fan is installed, set to run 24/7/365, to create a vacuum beneath the membrane. The plumbing reroutes the radon gas to a safe location where it disperses into the atmosphere. The exhaust piping is anchored to the home. Exhaust is typically run in SCH 40 PVC piping, but is available in gutter downspout upon request. Systems may also be color matched upon request.

Exterior Planning

Every home is different, we work with the homeowner to find a location that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Options are available to conceal the system as much as possible.

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