Trust in an experienced and certified radon mitigation contractor to correctly test and mitigate your home.

Radon Measurement Specialist

NRSB Radon Measurement Specialist #17SS052


We offer multiple formats of precise and accurate radon testing to better suit your time and budget needs. Both short term and long term testing is available.

Radon Mitigation Provider

NRPP Residential Mitigation Provider #110760RMT


Our qualified install techs install professional grade materials in accordance with NRPP & NSRB standards to efficiently mitigate radon from your home. We guarantee our mitigation system will reduce radon levels to below the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L. A re-test is included with every mitigation to guarantee successful results.

SM Radon is Western Michigan based offering certified radon measurement and certified radon mitigation. With years of radon testing and mitigation   experience, as well as a history in general contracting, rest assured you will receive a professional service and product. All measurement and installation technicians are background checked for your safety.

At SM Radon, we set the bar higher. Some competitors also offer a lifetime warranty but many are out there cutting corners. Our systems are installed in accordance with standards set by the NRSB and the NRPP. We ALWAYS use Schedule 40 PVC piping on our systems and often will incorporate larger piping into the systems to keep restriction as low as possible. This helps extend the life of the fan as well as mitigate more effectively.

Every system we install includes smoke testing to verify no leak points have been left. Beware the under cutters lack of sealing, the potential to back-draft your combustion appliances is there. This would lead to potentially high carbon monoxide levels in the home. Your family’s safety is not worth your contractor saving a couple bucks.

Our workmanship and quality is our cornerstone and we’re proud of the work we do. Satisfaction and performance guaranteed.

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