Radon System Repair And Radon Fan Replacement

Radon Fan Replacement

Radon fans generally come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  If your radon fan -or radon pump as some refer to it- has failed prematurely, SM Radon will work with any manufacturer to get your fan warrantied. If your fan has failed naturally due to age, we keep replacement fans in stock to replace all radon fans. Either way, we’ve got your replacement radon fan in stock!


Radon System Repair

As years have past, some of the standards in radon mitigation have changed. Some things that may have been considered standard in the past may now be considered obsolete. We keep up on continuing education and are always knowledgeable on the current radon mitigation standards.

Does your radon system include a properly sealed sump crock? Aside from fan failure, the most common issue we come across is improperly sealed sump pits. There should be an air-tight lid sealed to the floor with all penetrations in the sealed sealed using rubber grommets.

Sometimes, we come across an improperly sized fan. This can result in poor system efficiency both in the energy department and in the radon removal department.


Let us put our experience to work, we offer free system inspections with a radon test. You may not be aware, the EPA recommends biannual radon testing even if you have a functioning radon mitigation system. Call today!

Set Up Your Radon System Repair Appointment

Western New York Radon Repair

We offer radon system repair serving the Greater Buffalo Niagara Region. We stock radon fans in all sizes and radon system parts and are well prepared to fix your existing radon system. Radon fan replacement is relatively simple and usually not too costly. Pricing varies with application, call today!



Radon Fan Replacement

Radon fans eventually will fail, typically between 5-15 years of service. Fan replacement is not very costly and is a relatively quick repair. Let SM Radon replace your radon fan and rest assured the proper fan has been installed. There are many fan variations and selecting the proper fan is crucial to performance and efficiency.



Radon System Efficiency

Most radon systems – if designed properly – are very efficient. The most common fan in the radon industry, for example, is about the equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb in terms of power use.

Older systems following radon standards of the past are less efficient. Improper sealing and older fans can cause increased energy consumption.

Improperly sized fans can also lead to increased energy consumption as well as potential early radon fan failure.

Allow our certified technicians to inspect and service your system to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your radon reduction system.



For more information on the threat radon poses to your home, visit our What Is Radon page.

Let our experience installing radon systems serve you in properly sizing your replacement fan. Often times, we can replace an older fan with a much more efficient and quiet model.